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Marley Starskey Butler: Thirty-Six

Thirty-Six is the first solo exhibition of Birmingham-based, multidisciplinary artist Marley Starskey Butler. This exhibition is influenced by their personal lived experience of social work and becoming a social worker later in life.

In Thirty-Six, Starskey Butler brings together artworks made between 2009 and now, across photography, video, audio and text. The works range from explorations of the artist’s own children’s services records, relationships with their multiple primary care givers, to considering what it means to assess somebody else’s capacity to safeguard and care for a child.

Thirty-Six’s main themes revolve around family, empathy, trauma, identity and understanding.

Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham. 11th November ‘23 – 28th January ‘24


Image: Marley Starskey Butler, If you can't hear you will feel, 2017, video still. Courtesy of the artist.



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