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198 Contemporary

198 Contemporary Arts and Learning is a centre for visual arts, education and creative enterprise, giving voice and space to under-represented artists, communities and cultures.

Addis Fine Art

Addis Fine Art was the first white-cube gallery space for modern and contemporary art in Ethiopia. The London gallery programme encapsulates Addis Fine Art’s commitment to heightened international exposure for, and critical reappraisal of, African art on the world stage.


Established in 1988, Autograph’s mission is to champion the work of artists who use photography and film to highlight questions of race, representation, human rights and social justice.

Black Cultural Archives

Black Cultural Archives’ mission is to collect, preserve and celebrate the histories of people of African and Caribbean descent in the UK and to inspire and give strength to individuals, communities, and society.

Doyle Wham

Doyle Wham is the UK's first and only contemporary African photography gallery. The gallery was founded in October 2020 with an itinerant programme of physical and digital exhibitions.

Ed Cross Fine Art

Ed Cross Fine Art works with emerging and established artists across and beyond the African diaspora. The gallery seeks to amplify voices historically silenced, and to create space for their independent development.

Gallery 1957

Gallery 1957 has dedicated its programme to spearheading international exchanges between contemporary West African art practices and the rest of the world. Their London space provides a further platform through which to exhibit Gallery 1957 artists working across Africa and the diaspora.

Gallery OCA

Gallery OCA (Gallery of Caribbean Art) focuses exclusively on showcasing art created by artists from and connected to the Caribbean. Supporting the artists of Caribbean heritage, preserving the historic legacy of the islands, and commercially empowering the sector.

Goodman Gallery

Goodman Gallery is an international contemporary art gallery with locations in Johannesburg, Cape Town and London. The gallery represents artists whose work confronts entrenched power structures and inspires social change.  Since 2008, the gallery roster has grown by more than 30 international artists, with a focus on women from the African Diaspora and beyond.


Iniva (Institute of International Visual Arts) is an evolving, radical visual arts organisation dedicated to developing an artistic programme that reflects on the social and political impact of globalisation. They work predominantly with British-born and British-based visual artists of African and Asian descent supporting them at different stages in their careers.

Jack Bell Gallery

Jack Bell Gallery opened in London in 2010. The focus of the gallery is to exhibit, represent and champion contemporary artists from around the world. The program includes twelve shows every year as well as art fairs in London, Paris, New York, Singapore and Taipei.

October Gallery

October Gallery has been instrumental in bringing to worldwide attention many of the world’s leading international artists. The Gallery promotes very best in contemporary art from around the planet, as well as maintaining a cultural hub in central London for poets, writers, intellectuals and artists, and hosts talks, performances and seminars.

Signature African Art

The Signature African Art gallery was founded in 1992 in Nigeria and opened a second location in Mayfair London in 2019. The gallery focuses solely on showcasing exhibitions of Contemporary Art by artists from Africa and the diaspora. The goal is to give the artists a platform to thrive and have their works accessible by all art lovers.


TAFETA is a gallery specialising in 20th century and Contemporary African Art. TAFETA remains the leading purveyors of some of the most important 20th century artists of African extraction. Continually seeking out new talent in the contemporary space, TAFETA has also placed younger emerging artists in important private and institutional collections.

The Africa Centre

The Africa Centre is a decades-old charity dedicated to promoting contemporary African culture and heritage in London. 

Tiwani Contemporary

Founded in London in 2011 by Maria Varnava, Tiwani Contemporary exhibits and represents international contemporary artists. In 2021, the gallery celebrated its 10th anniversary. In February 2022, the gallery opened its second space in Lagos, Nigeria. 

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