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Sekai Machache: Svikiro

Zimbabwean-Scottish artist @sekaimachache showcases a series of short gestural films curated across the Mount Stuart house and gardens, that come together to form the immersive Svikiro.

Utilising academic, visual, and embodied research at Mount Stuart and in its collections and archives: Machache counters the ongoing erasure of a complex oracular culture that is profoundly connected to envisioning the future. This series of short films supports experimental and innovative storytelling, suggesting alternative readings of past and present, and proffering a model for a decolonised future archive built on collaboration.

With themes of hyper visibility and invisibility, erasure and existence, apparitions and traces; Machache has succeeded in curating an emotive display that offers us glimpses of the diasporic experience of familial severing and habitual longing. Machache does this, while utilising literary and symbolic references, in a stunning showcase of multidisciplinary skill and collective visioning.

Mount Stuart. 2nd September - 29th October ‘23. From £9.50


Sekai Machache, Svikiro Tiripano

Credit: Ambroise of Paradax Period

Featuring: Eyve Madisiye



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