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Liverpool Biennial

The Liverpool Biennial is the UK’s largest festival of contemporary visual art. Curated by Khaniyisile Mbongwa, the 12th edition ‘uMoya: The sacred Return of Lost Things’ addresses the history and temperament of the city of Liverpool and is a call for ancestral and indigenous forms of knowledge, wisdom and healing. In the isiZulu language, ‘uMoya’ means spirit, breath, air, climate and wind.

With more than 30 international artists and collectives’ work programmed in art galleries, historic buildings and spaces across the city, the festival explores the ways in which people and objects have the potential to manifest power as they move across the world, while acknowledging the continued losses of the past.

Various locations across Liverpool. 10th June - 17th September 2023. Free entry


Shannon Alonzo, Washerwoman, 2018.

Courtesy Shannon Alonzo.

Photograph by Kibwe Brathwaite.



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